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An archive of the documentations that I have attempted in order to express some of my thoughts and some of my feelings. Also included are some results of simultaneously rigorous and playful experimentations involving a myriad of small-scale objects done both inside the 'laboratory' and 'out in the field'. Enjoy! :)



The Colosseum Patrol. by Camiloo
The Colosseum Patrol.
:snowflake: revamp A submission for the month of December! :snowflake: revamp 
Hello, hello, kind folks, here are some warm hues and tones imported all the way from Rome to cuddle the sweet winter chills away. 

For this submission, I have opted for a photograph that is taken in the "Souvenir Postcard" tradition. This form may also be more personally familiar as the "family tourist scrapbook heirloom". It's one of a list of must-have tourist pictures that I tend to take when traveling to and visiting places. Additionally, this photograph also serves as a homage to the vibrant illustrations found in the Dorling Kindersley encyclopedias; a style of visual imagery of which I am very fond and with which I grew up. 

The place depicted in the photograph is the famous Colosseum in Rome. It is also referred to as the Flavian Amphitheater. The fellow who is pictured here is a Praetorian guard. The Praetorian guards were the only military force allowed in the city of Rome. [source]

Now, on to a story about the Colosseum itself! Built in around year 70 to 80 AD, the Colosseum is a structure known as an amphitheatre. amphitheatres were used for the purposes of entertainment, sports, and performances. The Colosseum was once used as a stage that held shows depicting sea battles. To do this, they filled the entire bottom cavity of the Colosseum with water to create a pool; a realistic backdrop for the boats to depict battle sea scenes. However, some time later, they built walls and partitions in the space of the bottom cavity to form working quarters and sections to store animals. Thus, it was no longer possible to form the water pool and the battle sea shows ceased. 

To wrap up this piece, here is affixed a poem written by Lord Byron in reminiscence of the Colosseum:

Descriptive Poems: III. Places
The Coliseum
Lord Byron (1788–1824)
But when the rising moon begins to climb
Its topmost arch, and gently pauses there;
When the stars twinkle through the loops of time,
And the low night-breeze waves along the air
The garland-forest, which the gray walls wear,
Like laurels on the bald first Cæsar’s head;
When the light shines serene, but doth not glare,—
Then in this magic circle raise the dead;
Heroes have trod this spot,—’tis on their dust ye tread.

sprial notebook Garden of Hope 
Here are some Technical Notes 

 Nikon 55mm f/2.8, Micro-NIKKOR
*this is a wonderful lens with excellent color reproduction and contrast. The image quality of resulting from the lens is exquisite. But do take note that it has no autofocus and thus you'll have to manually focus all the time. It is perfect for macro and still life work, though, since the subjects sit perfectly still.
wink :P


Now for the fun part! Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 
All editing was done in GIMP.
In editing this, I used a picture I took of ice crystals forming outside of an airplane window to form the stars you see in the sky. The image layer of that texture was set to the "screen" blending mode and the contrast of that image layer was increased so that the whites of the ice crystals really popped out.
I referred to some photos and paintings of Praetorian guards to inform the hand-colouring of the figure. The hand-colouring layer was a transparent layer set to the "overlay" blending mode and after having painted the colors in, I duplicated that layer in order to increase the saturation of the colors of the figure's uniform.
For the colors, first add a very slight vignette. Then to warm them up, create a layer filled with a warmish, yellowy orange color. Set this layer to "overlay" and then play with the opacity of the layer until it suits your tastes. For more information, you can do a google search and look up some tutorials on how to achieve a warm-toned effect.
Next, go to hue and saturation, and selectively increase the saturation of the yellow tones. And then selectively increase the saturation of the blues and cyans (in unison) and also slightly bring up the reds and the greens. Tweak the values around until you're happy with the effect.
Then, sharpen up the whole image and voila! You are done! :heartofgold: 

Thank you for viewing and I wish you an awesomely productive and interesting day!
Big Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4] :chairdance: 

PS: if you happen to be a total Roman History enthusiast and find some wrong facts in my exposition, do not hesitate to point it out! All in the name of good information! Cutie Thumbs Up 

Field Trips In Jurassic Park. by Camiloo
Field Trips In Jurassic Park.
There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect.
Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! 
Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Rummaging through my archives searching for an upload for the month of August, I , after some deliberation, decided upon this picture.

The aforementioned deliberation was due to the fact that most of the time, when I am choosing which pictures to share, I had always chosen pictures that had some form of concept and intent, and thus by habit I steered away from those that seemed like simple documentation of events around me (even though this one was technically "set up", as it were from a human's perspective, it still depicted a rather natural event that an inhabitant of a small world would see whilst walking through the forest wink ) .

And in the case of this piece, it is much simpler in concept and intent than most of my pictures.
 It's simply composed of (as follows):
  • two toys (a dinosaur skeleton and a girl) ,
  • a natural woodland forest scene and awesome morning light (something I have a bit of a love-affair with) ,
  • with a sprinkle-shower-splash of rain (created with an atomizer, as you might have guessed!).
But I chose it for this month because of a simple, perhaps more diary-like, personal reason. :goodjob: revamp

I chose it because I feel that life is not always staged and beautiful, with fully thought-out concepts all of the time. And that perhaps that's not such a bad thing. For there are always the backstage rehearsals, the experimental and explorative photo shoots, the hours spent reading in the library in simple wonder and amazement, and the hours wandering among the forests and parks, on the beaches, in a simple appreciation of nature. Far from being passive activities (which is what they may seem to look like from the outside), these things actually inform, inspire, and enrich our lives, our minds, and our work, and they in turn  inspire and enrich our concepts and our ideas. They expand and widen our vision of possibilities. They make our minds and imaginations active and inventive. This is because they create rich and wonderful memories and knowledge-stores that we can turn to time and time again.

Thus, one must have some moments of quiet , perhaps even quiescent, wonder; moments free of projects, pressures, or any other ambition-driven pursuit. Moments of artless, whole-hearted appreciation at the simple fact of existence.
If not to simply rejuvenate and awaken our super awesome super-brains and inspire us to go out there and do stuff.

I chose this picture because I feel it celebrates the simpler things in life that I really do enjoy, that I feel a sense of wonder and delight about, and those are mainly (as follows):
  • nature (the key theme of the whole scene),
  • science (symbolized by the rainbow, which symbolises my fascination with the physical study of light),
  • the dinosaur skeleton in the background symbolises my love for the beauty of natural history, exploration (embodied by the girl with the backpack),
  • curiosity (perhaps why the girl is there in the forest in the first place),
  • and the simple act of spontaneous picture-taking without any specifically targeted concepts or stories.
For art is a celebration of the human capacity for creativity, of the joy of creating pieces that simply exist to delight and amuse humans, to inform and to inspire humans, to challenge and to play with ideas and to create interest, and as such would logically also include all the uniquely human quirks, whims, and idiosyncrasies; the bits some call "imperfections".

In my smattering of observations of my favorite artists, Van Gogh being prominent, I've observed that in wonderful pieces of artwork, one's unique character and personality traits, something that everybody has, is almost always infused within it.
Van Gogh said of his painting "The Potato Eaters" that the character and soul of the painting more than made up for the painting's technical imperfections, and for that specific reason, that the painting had "soul", he was very happy with the result of his finished accomplishment.
Two years after having finished the painting he wrote to his sister Willemina that he still considered it to be the best thing he ever did (he's so cute right wow I love him so much what a darling).

So I feel that, yes, there is a time for ambition, drive and vision, and there is also time for sitting back and simply breathing in with all of your hundreds of senses, physical and intellectual, the wonderful magic of life and of living. An occasional, restorative luxury one must allow oneself once in a while, perhaps.

And also, to the photographers, never feel guilty of simply appreciating and capturing what's right in front of you, of not really feeling like imposing a vision, prop, or concept to the scene at hand.
It doesn't mean that you're being work-shy, in fact it is quite the contrary, it means that you see clearly enough to distinguish when to create a vision of your own in order to bring life and interest to the scene and when to know that the scene is already naturally brimming with life and interest and that your task is simply to preserve this delightful moment. Balance is of the essence!:goodjob: revamp
Sooooo! :flowerrain: +plz-acc 
This one's a rather simple and open-hearted commentary, for I thought it would be a good change to contrast with the rest.
No heady theories or philosophies, just a simple, down-to-earth diary-entry-style piece of writing.

Thank you so much for reading,
and I wish YOU a splendid and inspired day.
A Flower for You :LongStemRose: Flower for you  skull emoticons wink  :balloons: :book-bounce: 

Lady Bug Bullet - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Right) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Left) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Right) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Left) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Left) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Right) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Right) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Left) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Left) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Left) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet Left (Outline) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet Right (Outline) - F2U!   Lady Bug Bullet (Outline) - F2U!

I really don't take myself seriously,
I mean seriously,
I don't.
This pseudo-philosophical rant is a simple expression of opinion,
and do forgive it if it sounds dogmatic,
which I whole-heartedly did not intend,
for I am a big proponent of the honest expression of opinion for all people,
but I am the biggest kookoonut in person,
so one mustn't take it all too seriously.
Commentaries are all in good fun!

PS: I have no idea who the girl is or what anime show she is from. My parents bought an awesome set of these figures as a gift because they knew that I like taking pictures of toys.
the spooks that remain unpainted. by Camiloo
the spooks that remain unpainted.
Love U 
Pink Flower Pixel Happbee

Honesty needs no disguise nor ornament; be plain.
-Thomas Otway

A submission for July

As of late I have been mulling over this particular question:

How much of oneself should one be comfortable with putting in one’s own artwork?

Writer's Block 

In my experiments with picture-taking, I have often gravitated to the more fun and more playful themes, because I find that in creating them I find relief and a certain feeling of escape. I have rationalized this choice by the most common-sense level-headed response I can come up with, which is "Come on, hey, I'm just a kid (of 18.5 years mind you) who likes to create pictures from the stuff around me, okay? Photography is just something I find very fun and amusing, and I simply gravitate to the themes I find appealing. That's it." 

The darker emotions (that I occasionally feel, for I am fortunate to have the best and funniest of family members) have rarely seeped into my pictures, because art has always been a fun and, to an extent, a therapeutic way for me to create a more encouraging mental environment, as well as being as exercise in seeing ordinary things in a more entertaining way. While some have used art as an outlet to release the darker emotions and as a method to come to terms with them, I had always consciously chosen to not allow them to influence my ideas for pictures. There is for me a certain sanctity of positivity in creating pictures and thus I'm ever reluctant to place in them reminders of worry or concern. One can perhaps accuse my camera of wearing rose-colored lenses.

:LongStemRose: :imsmart: 

Thus, this picture is more of a self-portrait in that sense, because, historically, I had always painted in my art the brighter things that I see , and the more fearful and sad things have only very rarely found it's way upon my canvases. Be there ghosts or monsters that stand before me, I rarely put paintbrush to canvas to record their likeness.

 But alas, out of curiosity I inquired, what if one chooses, perhaps as an investigation, to express those very thoughts that one instinctively tries to escape from? One night I had chanced to read Edgar Allen Poe's wonderful poem "The Raven" and I was absolutely delighted by how a little chill delivered well can add so much whimsy and life to a piece of writing. There is something appealing about that whimsical brand of darkness, the kind reminiscent of childhood imaginings as depicted in the Grimm's tales. This is vividly evidenced by that magical poem as well as Tim Burton's wonderful, whimsical films. For the imagination is stirred just as much by the joys in life as it is by stories with a tint of supernatural mystery. It is after all very reason there exists the phrase "you just have an over-active imagination, that's all".

Thus, this inquiry has now begged the question of what if I had met, to perhaps capture a more full portrait of a certain state of mind, these emotions as acquaintances with whom I know I will have to share company with for the rest of my life? To allow them, perhaps, a place in my stories? Perhaps some spooky themes will turn out to be pretty fun to work with and one can always express them with a whimsical spin

 As a certain Jim Moriarty had once said;

Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain.

Alas, good day everyone, and thank you so much for reading, and I wish you a pleasant day.

Yours truly,


Lady Bug Bullet (Outline) - F2U! Pixel Rose Lady Bug Bullet Right (Outline) - F2U! 

Disclaimer: This commentary is in no way a prediction of the themes and directions any of my future submissions will take. I am notoriously nebulous and unpredictable in the themes that I choose to work with in every picture, and thus even I myself never know what my next picture is going to be like. Cool Glasses

Green DividerGreen DividerGreen DividerGreen Divider
Stable Arrow Stable Arrow Stable Arrow Stable Arrow
Emote Abduction 

Point Right The props:

Really simple stuff this time,
  • The red and yellow flowers are Playmobil items
  • Generic plastic dinosaur toy (I adore the red eyes don’t you)
  • The wooden easel, blue rubber butterflies, and googly eyes are things you can get any regular crafts store (very generic stuff)
Point Right The ‘location’ and lighting:
  • On the side of a gutter of a roof at the balcony (Yup, was I glad nobody was looking).
  • Taken in the wee-early morning whilst the sun hasn’t fully risen. Thus everything has an ultramarine blue shade to it.
  • A LED torchlight was used to concentrate some white light on the easel, just to give it some color separation from the background (if not the whole thing would’ve been lit with the blue-ish morning light).

Point Right Equipment:

  • camera: NIKON D7000
  • lens: NIKON 24-85mm AF NIKKOR 1:2.8-4 D (the macro mode was switched on)
  • lighting tools: LED Torchlight (a bicycle-lamp torchlight)

Thank you viewing! Heart Balloon Emote 
BuzzyBee Wave 




Tia would love to do portraiture, pictures that document the simple beauty of life, but she takes too long to compose her shots and her models get quite bored and uninspired by her photographing them. So she turns to things that wouldn't mind the wait. A few call these creatures "inanimate" objects. But Tia knows this isn't the case. For in them she has found the most animated characters and profound stories. Things with a life and character that exists best in a photograph. Sometimes, Tia's friends like to tell their own stories. So she lets them. The best ones happen when Tia only serves to function as a documentary photographer, documenting whatever that coalesces between the objects. For the two years that her and her models have been acquainted, they have showed the world of quite a number of different situations and issues. Most of these individuals are city dwellers, since Tia lives in the city. She would like to meet the ones from the forests and lakes one day, and document their lives too. Tia is still quite curious to see if there are more. And like all people, she would like to meet new friends too, from everywhere on land and underwater. Tia doubts she can go to space because she doesn't think she has enough money to do so. She probably has to make do with some glow-in-the-dark paint, sand, practical science and strings.

Thank you :)

For any inquiries, you can contact me through email at

Hello everyone!
Here's an update related to the lack of updates and new pictures recently.
I don't have a camera to take photos with nowadays. My camera has been facing some repairs because turns out the D7000 that I got was a defective one. And I have been super busy with catching up with my schoolwork.
About 3 grades to complete by this year!
2012 has been such a blink of an eye. Can you believe it's already half of May? o.O
It feels like March.

I think I should start relaxing the impossible standards I have for the content I post here for the sake of updating dA more often. More good stuff more often than perfect stuff that takes forever to find. Yup! Bearing in mind the poll I did last year about what watchers expect from a person that they watch. More good stuff, more often. I'll try to do this once I get my camera back from from the repair shop and have a camera to use.

To the lovely loyal watchers who are STILL watching me despite inconsistency in updating dA thank you so much. I am really grateful for the support.
I really look forward to having some free time after my school schedule has become balanced again and I've gotten in the flow of posting and creating new pictures! My schoolwork is really piled up now.

Thank you so much, again. To all the new watchers and to all of those who are still watching me. I am really grateful.


To all of the aspiring artists out there (And I am one too!) I strongly suggest keeping a journal that you just put absolutely everything inside.
It helped me rediscover my method of thinking as well as keeping your creativity and sense of perspective in check.
And to all of us who think and analyze alot, and because all of you are an artistic group of people and you have awesome thoughts, it helps clarify your thoughts SO much more. As I use it more and more I find that answers to questions and musings that I have come to me much quicker than before I caught the journaling habit.
You can stick extra pages into it by using sellotape. Write with colorful pens. Write everything. Stick everything into it.

Don't be intimidated by the pristine and beautiful pages of the journal, and buy a  journal that you love looking at. Just because you are going to pretty much wreck the journal (quoting Kerri Smith here), that isn't an excuse to just buy a cheap ring-bound notebook. It has to be a notebook that makes your stomach twist in excitement. A journal book that you are emotionally attached to. It has to be a notebook you could imagine your favorite inventor/creative figure using at a serene Starbucks shop or in the middle of a field in the Alps.

Use it as you need it. It is not a showpiece, it is a working journal. It isn't meant to be beautiful and super neat and trimmed. It is meant to be a bucket and a catch-all so that your mind can move on and explore other thoughts.

ALSO, for the BRAIN. Lots of exercise!
Whenever you feel bored or unstimulated or just downright uninspired as I often  have lately, the thing to do is just exercise. Take a lovely one-hour walk or something. Bring the journal. Exercising helps to get the brain moving again and the neurons firing. And you'll feel more alert thus more receptive and this spurs alot of creativity and curiosity! :D


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